The Smithy of Artistic Metalwork and Space Design
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Real smith and his smithy The smithy was built in the 1980s by a master carpenter, Władysław Pyza, and it became a smith's workshop of my father and an artist, Zdzisław Gałecki.
In the late 1990s the forge was recognized by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as
The Museum of Smithery.
The structure of the building and the interior reflect a smithy of the beginning of the 20th century.
Outside the smithy you may see agricultural machines, which used to be repaired by a smith, e.g. a plough, a chuff-cutter, a treadmill, etc.

Inside the smithy there are various tools used by a master smith at the beginning of the 20th century. At present, the smithy, apart from being a museum, is also a workshop of artistic metalwork and space design of an artist
Kamila Gałeckiego.


The tradition and experience handed down to me by my father helps me maintain the real craft of smithery based on traditional techniques of metal heat processing.

I invite You to see the reportage about my smithery -
"A grain of City"

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